Wednesday, November 26, 2003



When we ordered our refrigerator (over three weeks ago), we ordered a Whirlpool that was totally frost-free. Apparently this is still a relatively new, or at least uncommon, feature. We had wanted to buy a refrigerator with an “A” energy rating, but this model was rated “B”, and I would guess that it’s because of the frost-free feature. Anyway, this refrigerator was also available in INOX, which is a fancy name for brushed metal, as far as I can tell. It’s not aluminum, but what the difference is, I’m not sure. Since everything else is also in this finish, we wanted the refrigerator to match. Originally, this wouldn’t have been a problem since the refrigerator doors were going to be covered with doors that matched the cabinets. When I realized that the freezer part of the refrigerator was NOT frost-free, I contacted Rosella to make the change. That wasn’t a problem, except that the frost-free refrigerator, for whatever reason, was unable to have the matching doors. Maybe the unit was too big.

We ordered the refrigerator from MediaWorld, and bought a dryer at the same time. The dryer we bought was the last one they had, but the refrigerator had to be ordered. Our salesman, Max, told us it would be “two weeks max”…his words. We assured him that this would be fine, and that we probably wouldn’t be able to take delivery for three or four weeks due to all the work. We checked back with MediaWorld earlier this week, and they gave us that patient, “no, it’s not here yet. When it comes in, we’ll call you” speech. Last Saturday, THREE weeks after the original order, we stopped in again, to see if there was a problem. And as it turned out, there WAS a problem.

Our salesman was there, and available, when we arrived. He went to check on our order. Then he checked something else. Then he made a phone call. Then he disappeared for a few minutes. More searching. More calling. This can only mean trouble! He finally came to us with another salesperson, a girl who spoke a little English. She began to explain that they didn’t have the refrigerator yet, that there was a problem with the Whirlpool factory. I asked the bottom line question…..WHEN?! And she said, “I don’t know”. Great! Here we were, a week before our kitchen was finished, and now I’m going to have to find a new refrigerator.

The salesgirl asked if we would accept another refrigerator, and I said possibly. I explained that another refrigerator must be in inox, and must be completely frost-free. If they had something that met those two requirements, I would take a look. So we all marched over to the refrigerator area. The salespeople are searching through their inventory lists. We are waiting. I tell Art they don’t have another model that is both frost-free and in inox. I tell him that we paid MORE to have the oven in inox, rather than brushed aluminum. He tells me to be patient; they are going to show me what they have. I say I’ll believe it when I see it. And of course, I am right…they DON’T have any other models that meet both my requirements. I hate it when I’m right.

Then the salesgirl says, “But we do have this refrigerator, the same one you want, but there is a scratch in the door. If you want, we can deliver this one to you, and when the replacement door comes in, we will come to your house and replace it.” Of course this is okay with me!!! What difference can a scratch make, especially since it’s only going to be temporary?! We agree, and since the dryer is already there, we schedule delivery. Unfortunately, the day they are delivering in our area is Tuesday, so tomorrow we will get the bedroom suite AND the refrigerator and dryer. And Rosella is supposed to start building the fireplace tomorrow.

Oh, and did I mention that we didn’t see the electrician at all today? We thought he was supposed to here today, and were hoping that he would be finished in the master bedroom before the furniture arrived. It may be very crowded in there tomorrow!


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