Friday, November 21, 2003


NOVEMBER 21, 2003

The plumber got the new riscaldamento up and running today!!! We had to call him back because we discovered that the radiators in the back hall and the master bedroom weren’t working. He returned almost immediately, and apparently the previous owner had made some alterations and the line was very small. I’m not sure what he did, since I have no experience with radiators, but within thirty minutes they were both functioning. To have even heat is such a treat!!! And tonight, we don’t have to run a collection of extension cords from the bathroom to the bedroom, and more importantly, we don’t have to worry about tripping over the wires in the middle of the night.

Right now, he is working on the water softener, and tomorrow the electrician will finish installing the outlets and fixtures in our bedroom. The washing machine will return by the middle of next week…since we now have our new hot water supply, the laundry room is ready for it. We are making real progress! Oh, and we called Rosella, and she will be here on Tuesday with her people to build the fireplace. Once that is complete, the kitchen cabinets can be installed. It will seem strange to not have a house full of people, and to not have to live in one room with the door closed!

WOO HOO!!! As I was sitting here typing, the furniture store called…our bedroom furniture is in!!!! They are going to deliver it Tuesday morning! The bedroom will be well on the way, especially since we found two lamps we love for the dresser. Now all I have to do is find one more lamp for the chest of drawers! I did find one that I like, but it’s 149 EURO, and at the current exchange rate of $1.19, that works out to $177…a little too expensive for a bedroom lamp, at least for me!

Also, we spoke to the geometra about finding someone to build us an armadio for our bedroom, and he told us it would be the same man who will install our new back door. He should be here one day next week, so we can get that process started. I have made a sketch of the basic idea we want, and we’ll see what ideas he has.

We went with Mauro to the iron works shop, which is right here in San Venanzo. Mauro told us that whenever possible, he likes to use local people. We agree with him 100%, and were glad to meet the man who will make our new banister and the stairs to our garden. I had been under the mistaken impression that we would have a small porch, or landing, outside the new back door. Yesterday I realized that this was not the case. I couldn’t figure out how the steps would end up where Mauro said they would, but once I realized there would be no porch, it made more sense. Of course, I am disappointed that I won’t have some sort of landing at the back door…that may be the only place that gets enough sun to grow a few basil plants, and I could already picture my porch filled with potted plants and herbs. Damn! I guess I’ll just have to hope that the tree-trimming the commune is doing in the park behind us will give us a bit more sun. The new back door will be two doors instead of one…not sure if they call them “french doors” in Italy or not! Anyway, I expect it to look very elegant!

Maybe tomorrow I can take some pictures…today, the fog lifted! I know the pictures will not be as exciting for you to see as they are for us, but never-the-less, I’ll post them for the one or two people who are interested in seeing every detail!


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