Wednesday, December 10, 2003


The people in Naples just called to tell us that they would be delivering our stuff TOMORROW AFTERNOON!!!! And it's only been NINE weeks!!! At least now we won't have to worry about Wendy having to drive up here to meet them, but with only three days left before we leave for the states, it will make things a bit hectic.

I am in the middle of writing about the dinner we had Monday night, but it's going to take me awhile to finish that one. For now, here's a quick update. Yesterday, Tuesday, the electrician and plumber both arrived at eight. The plumber just needed to hook up the water softener, and then had to call the technician to tell us how to operate it.

The electrician promised that he would finish up before lunch. He was leaving his two young helpers here, and after showing them what needed to be done, he left. We had to take our check to Rosella and also get the drawer that had been cut to fit the plumbing, so we asked if anyone would need a key for after lunch. We knew the plumber would be gone soon, but weren't sure about the electricians. They assured us that they would be finished before lunch.

When we returned, we found that many things had not been completed, or didn't function. We were NOT happy. Art called Mauro to tell him about it, and to ask Mauro to stop by in the morning. I discovered that I absolutely HATE the mirror that we put in the new bathroom. When we bought it, I had expressed reservations about the design...on one side of the mirror there is a small cabinet, and the lights are recessed at the top of the mirror. I was concerned that since the cabinet was not on the wall side, the light would be blocked. Unfortunately, I was right. We both decided that this was the wrong cabinet for this bathroom. I think it will work in the bathroom upstairs, so we'll save it until the spring, and look for something else for downstairs.

On Wednesday morning, the electrician rang the (new) doorbell at eight o'clock. Seems that the boys just hadn't been able to finish before lunch, and of course they didn't have a key! At least we knew they were just slow, not totally incompetent. We asked Elvio to put in a double plug behind the leather chair in the kitchen, and he already knew about everything else that needed to be done. Once again he left the ragazzi to finish. It was only after they left that Art discovered that the lights in the blue bathroom no longer function! He had checked to make sure they had completed every task, but obviously had not checked on places where no work was done. Since they had left their ladder we knew they would be back. Art caught them when they came to pick it up and they promised to return after lunch.

Yesterday when I was mopping, I dumped the dirty water into the toilet downstairs. I noticed that the carpet was wet, and thought I must have sloshed the water. Today when I did the same thing, I decided that the toilet was leaking. There was a line running down the side of the toilet, which I thought was part of the design. It wasn't until Fabio arrived that I realized it was a BIG crack!! He called Mauro, and arrangements are being made for the replacement. He also said he is still trying to get a hold of the technician for the water softener, but said it will be today or tomorrow. Of course, we won't even get to enjoy the soft water before we leave, but it will be here waiting for u s when we get back.
The painter is supposed to be here tonight, although I doubt he can do everything he needs to do in one evening. The baseboard and bathroom door will be installed once he is finished, as will the stair railing.


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