Thursday, December 04, 2003



Today the men arrived who will lay the ceramic tile on the backsplash and finish the fireplace. They brought back the drawer that didn’t fit on Tuesday, but now they have to take the OTHER drawer from under the sink so that a place can be cut to accommodate the plumbing. We spoke with Rosella to ask if it was okay to give our check to one of these guys. She tried to tell us that we could simply go to the bank to pay, but we don’t really understand how that works. I guess they would just transfer the money from our account into her account, and I also guess that her bank information is included on the receipt we have, but I’m not sure. Since we have the check made out, we thought we would just mail it. This doesn’t seem to be an option. And since the guys will take the drawer today, Rosella said we could pick it up tomorrow (!) and just bring the check with us.

I’m still not sure what the piece is that cost 100 euro. I guess it’s the board they showed us on Tuesday that is merely a facing to even out the cabinets. It gets mounted above the cooktop, next to the fireplace. What they showed us on Tuesday was just a piece of wood the same color as the cabinets. The guys today brought something else…maybe the cabinet itself? If there has to be something there, it would be nice to have it be a usable space. Guess we’ll find out as the day goes on. Art just went downstairs to look at the new piece they brought, and it IS another cabinet. The guy that was in the kitchen at the time didn’t seem to know anything about it, so I’m hoping the other guy is better informed. I also hope they know how to put it up.

I did have a request for the men today. When the cabinets were installed on Tuesday, the shelves inside the cabinets were mounted at the higher setting. Of course no one asked me. Since I am short, I would prefer the shelf to be lower, so that I can get to the second shelf more easily. I tried to take out the plastic pieces that cover the extra holes, but they were very tight, so I asked the guys today if the could move them. It was only for two cabinets, so I didn’t feel too bad. The guy who moved the shelves had quite a time removing the plastic covers too.


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