Monday, February 02, 2004


More shopping today. Since Gran Casa is having their 15% off everything sale, we went ahead and bought a few things we needed/wanted. Art splurged on an automatic coffee maker, and I bought a food processor, some tea and water glasses, a mezzaluna, and a few other household related goodies. We also bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner with a beater bar brush. I haven’t used it yet, but it comes highly recommended (Thanks, Cristina!) As for the cost, all I can say at this point is OUCH! Since we paid a whole lot more for our Rainbow in the states and absolutely loved it, I am hopeful that this story will turn out the same way.

We ordered a small cabinet for the bathroom downstairs, and a lighted mirror. We hate the medicine chest that we originally put in that bathroom, and plan to move it upstairs in the spring. We also got some towel rods, toilet paper holder etc. At Emmelunga we ordered the chrome tubing that mounts on the backsplash and has “S” hooks and accessory baskets that hang from it. A great counter space saving idea. Now if I could just remember where I saw the knife block that hangs from this tubing. So far, I’ve checked with Rebecca’s favorite, Genevieve Lethieu, GiorGetti, Obi, Emmelunga and Gran Casa. I KNOW I saw it somewhere before we left for the states...should have bought it then! They expect the ordered goods to arrive around the first of March. It’s Italy.

Rolando finished painting the living room today. So we finally got a chance to move the furniture around to see how we want to arrange the room. We need to buy/order an entertainment center, but the problem is the computer. Well. Not really the computer, since I now have a laptop, but rather the all-in-one, copier/scanner/fax/printer. It’s not exactly small, and we have to figure out where it will go and how it will not look so ugly. Decisions, decisions.

We hung our first picture today! Last night we started to unwrap and empty boxes…boy will the recycle guy be happy when he see what we left for him! Anyway, we unwrapped a bunch of stuff, including all our bigger pictures. I think I’m going to put the Switzerland/Matterhorn pictures in the blue bathroom, and we knew we wanted to put the “Effect of Good Government” above our bed, so it’s a start! I think most of the pictures will have to wait until things are more settled before I make final decisions. The craziest thing is that I have not one but TWO pictures that I need to have framed here! One is the Peter Max Derby poster I won last spring with my Derby pin. I had always wanted that particular poster, and hope I can find the right place for it. The other picture that needs framing is a still life that Nicholas did last summer during his art class. I think it’s a fabulous picture, and others must think he has talent too because he went to this particular art class on a scholarship. That picture will go in the kitchen…at first I was thinking about putting it over the frig, since that is the first thing you see when you come in the door, but now I’m thinking of putting up a border, so the picture might not work there. Also, as narrow as our refrigerator is, the picture might not fit there once we have it framed. More projects.

That’s it for now. I’ve got more stuff in the works, but couldn’t post due to the incredible s.l.o.w.n.e.s.s. of the internet this weekend. I’ll have to go back to my writings and see where I was.

Tomorrow I’m going to call the language school to see about starting back next week.


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