Thursday, February 26, 2004


I found out a couple of things...#1, you CAN pay your TV tax at the post office, which I did yesterday. I also tried to recharge my Postal phone card, but of course Fabio couldn't seem to get it to work. Is it me, or him? Or am I just unlucky? Every time I go into that office I seem to be there three times longer than is necessary, all because there's some unexpected problem, and of course he can't seem to explain it to me in simple, basic Italian....he has to go on and on and on, and I usually have no clue. I THINK we were in agreemnt yesterday that yes, the card is SUPPOSED to be rechargeable, but for whatever reason, it wouldn't work. So I just bought another card...with a different PIN, of course, and I'll try to recharge the card another day.

I also discovered that the TV tax is supposed to help fund the "public television" channels, but apparently there has been a lot of discussion about this...seems the public channels used to have fewer commercials, but now there are more and more commercials, and people are getting upset. And these channels aren't the ones owned by Berlusconi. He'll find other ways to stay rich, I'm sure.

And in desparation, we asked Wendy how she buys her airfare when she goes to the states, and she told us about her friend who is a travel agent, and this travel agent got us round trip tickets, Rome to Louisville, for 415 Euro!!! We were practically dancing around the house! Even with a bad exchange rate, this is MUCH less than we expected to pay! So my advice is: call a travel agent for a good deal!