Monday, November 01, 2004


NOVEMBER 1, 2004

We actually had some trick-or-treaters last night! Last year we had heard some kids outside on Halloween, but since we a) didn’t expect any trick-or-treaters, especially in San Venanzo, b) hadn’t bought any candy, and c) didn’t leave the porch light on, we never knew for sure if the kids here really went door to door. Although we’ve seen Halloween decorations in many of the stores, it’s hard to know how common trick-or-treating really is.

While driving through Marsciano on Friday, we had seen several people sitting outside a store, each carving a pumpkin! We had also seen pumpkins for sale at the vegetable stands on the side of the road, but I figured these were for eating, not for carving.

We did have some wrapped chocolates, thanks to our last visit to Perugina, so if someone did come knocking, we were prepared. I still didn’t have the porch light on, because I still didn’t think anyone would be out. And then around 9:30…we heard them talking and giggling before the doorbell rang…trick-or-treaters!

I opened the door to about eight kids I guess, and I wish I’d had my camera ready to take their picture. I can’t even remember how they were dressed, but most of them seemed to have pointy black witch’s hats to collect their candy in. They all shouted “Trick or treat!” as soon as I opened the door, and since they knew we’re Americans, they said “thank you” and “goodbye” in English. I wish I knew whether they stopped at any other houses, or if they just knew that we’d have candy because we’re American.

Art said he was surprised that they had come so late, but I reminded him that they had to eat their dinner first…and dinner in Italy is normally around eight o’ clock…at the earliest. Although it was cool, it wasn’t raining, and it was really a good night for trick-or-treating.

On Saturday we managed to finish our winter prep for the garden. Wendy had given us a bunch of old newspapers, and we put these down, covered them with the manure we had bought, then covered all this with dirt. Hopefully this mixture will decompose and enrich the soil. Next spring I’ll mix in some slow-release fertilizer before I plant, and we’ll stand back and watch the plants grow!

Today, November first is a beautiful day…sunny and about 75º…definitely an improvement over last year. The radiators have only turned on twice, and that was just during the coldest part of the night. As usual, it’s really warmer outside than it is inside, and I have to put my sweatshirt on when I come IN the house, and take it off when I go out!!!

I took advantage of the nice weather to do a load of laundry…this is the worst time of the year for laundry…it’s normally cool and damp outside, and very humid inside. Once it gets colder and the radiators come on regularly, it won’t take long for the clothes to dry, but without that extra help, drying things inside can be a project that lasts several days, and even then requires a few minutes in the drier to finish them off.


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