Thursday, December 23, 2004


We are officially snowed in. Luckily we had all our doctor appointments completed, we’ve had lunch/dinner with several friends, and we’ve seen a few movies. I don’t know what the final measurement is this morning, but yesterday we had about four inches of snow and they were expecting about another foot overnight! The total accumulation might not be a high as predicted because last night we got a lot a freezing rain.

Art and Nicholas shoveled the driveway yesterday morning, and today you can’t even tell that there IS a driveway, much less that it was shoveled.

The temperature last night was only expected to be around 20 degrees, but tonight and tomorrow night we’re supposed to hit ZERO or below, so this snow won’t be going away any time soon.

We’re supposed to go to my sister’s house for Christmas dinner, but at this point we’re not sure that’s going to happen. Angela had a certificate from UPS for a turkey, so our plan was to bake the turkey on Friday and take it with us. We have stuffing, baked apples, and broccoli, so we may end up eating here.

I’m pretty much of a chicken when it comes to driving in this stuff, and think it’s insane to go out if you don’t have to. Angela had to go into work last night, and that was scary enough, but Duffy and his cousin went to the U of L basketball game….sheer insanity!

I need to take some pictures not only of the snow, but also of the Christmas lights in this subdivision. Some are gorgeous, but some of these people look like they’re related to the Griswolds. The Italians should find the pictures interesting. I don’t think they’re really sure that Christmas is such a big deal in the United States…but then, they don’t understand that money is the driving factor over here. Christmas isn’t big because of the religious significance, it’s big because of its money making potential. I’m sure a lot of merchants will suffer because of this storm….no last minute rush to the mall. I’d be happy just to have a dozen eggs and some milk.

We took Kelly, Art’s daughter, out for dinner the other night to celebrate her birthday. She’s in college part time and works several other jobs, so coordinating schedules was a challenge. We also managed to have dinner with our good friends Sherry and Dave the night before the bad weather hit.

Nicholas is out of school this week, so we took him to see “Polar Express” and “The Incredibles”. Luckily we’re finished with our shopping, although some of the presents are at my sister’s house! Thankfully, Nicholas’s present is here...Angela ordered it for me before we got here.

We’ve seen several movies so far...”Closer”, “National Treasure”, and “Cellular”. I enjoyed them all, and if I had to pick a favorite, it would be “National Treasure”, but none of them was a “must see” on my list. I bought “Collateral” for Art, so maybe we can watch that while we’re snowed in.


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