Wednesday, February 16, 2005


The papers have recently announced the engagement of Prince Charles to his (w)horse, Camilla. Although I shouldn’t be surprised, many people seem to wish them well. I am not one of those people.

For a variety of reasons, Charles and Camilla never married years ago when they first courted. Charles went away with the Navy and Camilla married someone else (poor shmuck!).

But, as the world would later discover, and as many close to them knew, the affair never ended. It continued even through his courtship of Diana. Apparently Charles and Camilla were together the day before his wedding to Diana. He proudly wore the personalized cufflinks that Camilla had given him when he went on his honeymoon with Diana. (And don’t forget, she had to be “certified” a virgin in order to marry Charles!)

I’m not saying that Diana was perfect, but she was certainly blameless in this situation. She didn’t have to drive into another woman’s arms….he was already there. Diana was misled from the beginning. She was a very naive young girl, and I’m sure believed in the fairly tale she thought was about to be her life.

We all know now that the only hope of this marriage surviving was for Diana to turn a blind eye. I assume that this was what was expected of her by the royals, who never much warmed to Diana in the first place. This I think can be explained quite easily: an iceberg doesn’t want to be too near a source of warmth because eventually the iceberg will disappear.

So many years have gone by since the death of Diana, and it’s been even longer since her divorce from Charles. Charles is now free to marry whomever he pleases. The fact that the affair between Charles and Camilla started many, many years ago and continued throughout the years, throughout their marriages and behind closed doors for many years after their divorces doesn’t make it right….far from it. In my opinion it makes them even more despicable. To continue their affair, knowing the pain they have caused indicates to me a complete lack of morals.

For some reason, people seem to have very short memories. The fact that Charles and Camilla have been together, although “unofficially” for years seems to have somehow made it right. People seem to forget the hurt that was caused by their deception during all those years. Who knows how differently things would have turned out if the affair had been terminated before the marriage of Charles and Diana? Who knows how differently things might have been if Charles had been faithful and honorable and truthful with Diana? Might she still be alive today? Might her sons have had the chance to be guided by their mother as they grew into young men? Might her “problems” with anorexia and self doubt and tattletale lovers been avoided if she had only had what she thought she was getting when she married Charles….a husband who loved her and was true to her?

I remember one of the first interviews with Charles and Diana after Prince William was born. I was surprisingly impressed with Charles. He seemed to be such a “hands-on” father, and I hoped that he wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of his parents. He had said how much he hated being sent away to school as a child, and I hoped that his rather chilly upbringing would make him want his children to be raised differently. How very wrong I was. What a good actor he was! Perhaps he was in such a good mood because of an afternoon liaison with his lover.

All I can say is that these two people have ruined enough lives. I don’t think they deserve to be happy, I think they should be punished and suffer for the pain they caused Diana and William and Harry. How can these sons ever forget that it was THIS woman who fanned the fires of insecurity within their mother? If they can, they are certainly better people than I could ever hope to be. Yes it’s true; it’s not my place to judge. Eventually they will both have to answer for their sins, and I know that I should let it go at that, but I really see no reason to be happy for them! To wish them well!? I don’t think so.

The latest sound bite has Camilla coyly telling how Charles had to convince her to get married. Her reason? She didn’t want to be the wife of the king of England. Huh? I don’t quite understand what she meant by that, but to my way of thinking, if being his whore was good enough for all those years, why change now?


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