Thursday, May 25, 2006


Quickly….we’re home….and the park isn’t finished…not by a long shot, but the work continues. Our trees are NOT cut down, but everyone assures us that it will happen tomorrow morning. We remain skeptical but hopeful…..

We had no hot water when we arrived yesterday, and a visit from Fabio provided no help. He did however, give us the name and number of a technician who can fix it, and also who will do the annual servicing. (We lost our caldaia guy when Wendy broke up with Giuseppe)

The techinco arrived this afternoon and found the cause of our problem….two birds had flown down the vent pipe and had gotten stuck….lots of feathers! They were probably looking for a nesting place. We’ll buy some chicken wire to cover the opening……

The weather here is perfect…a little cooler than normal with a pleasant breeze. The tomato plants survived but haven’t really grown much due to the cool weather. The basil didn’t make it, but I’ll buy more plants Monday at the market.

The door/window guy, Dino was here this morning to take measurements for the replacement glass and new windows. Art ran into the fabbro, the ironworker, at the barber shop and we’re set up with him for the first part of June to have the iron bars installed on our kitchen window. The guy who’s going to refinish and repair our shutters just called to say he couldn’t come to day but that he’d be here tomorrow to take down all the shutters.

The house is a mess, stuff is everywhere, laundry is piling up, and the frig is still empty but…..we’re home!


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