Thursday, September 28, 2006


I don't remember if I wrote about this at the time, but many months ago we received an email from Pauline at SLOWTRAV, asking if she could give our contact info to a writer from TIME magazine. An article was being written about vacation rentals and the writer wanted a male perspective. Pauline thought of Art, and of course we said yes.

After a few introductory emails the writer, Elizabeth Pope, called Art and talked with him for about thirty minutes. He told her how we came to live in Italy, a little about our life in Italy, and also about the blog. She promised to let us know when the article would be published and that was that.

Several weeks ago we had another email from Elizabeth telling us that the article would be published sometime in October and that she would mail us a copy. Because Pauline was also mentioned in the article, it was discussed on the Slow Trav message board and it was in this discussion we discovered that the article would be in a special supplement for subscribers over 50. Don't ask me how TIME magazine knows how old its subscribers are....that's a little scary, don't you think???

The magazine is now arriving in homes, and if you're over 50, you might want to take a look at that supplement in the middle of the magazine. I'm not sure if this special supplement is available in newsstand copies, so for those of you who might not see the article, it's also available online. Art is quoted on the second page. How cool is that?! You can find the online article


At 9/28/2006 06:09:00 AM , Anonymous Carole B. said...

WOW....that is really something!
Fancy - Art and Barb are now 'officially on the map' - at least as far as Time Magazine (no less) is concerned!!!

It's a pity that they didn't do a 'photo' of you two in front of your place as opposed to that other ugly place at the start of the article.....

At 9/29/2006 01:11:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How absolutely fantastic Art and Barb!How many people get quoted in Time Magazine! Well, none that I know!

Very exciting..Yes--I agree with Carole--a photo of the two of you would have been lovely!


At 9/29/2006 01:12:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How absolutely fabulous Art and Barb! Congratulations!


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