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After looking at our friend Janet’s GORGEOUS PHOTOS from Norcia, I decided that it was time that we took a daytrip to check out this famous little Umbrian town. Coincidentally Jill and Larry had suggested that we plan a trip to someplace none of us had ever been to before, but I was afraid that Norcia might be just a bit too far to ask them to drive.

Imagine my surprise when Jill called on Friday morning to say they were on their way to Norcia! It was a spur of the moment decision, and we made plans to meet them outside of Foligno. I was glad I’d made a pasta salad with broccoli and carrots the night before. I threw some pasta salad, hard-boiled eggs and apples into an insulated bag, gathered napkins, utensils and a bottle of water and we were ready to go!

For the second time, finding the road we wanted out of Foligno proved difficult, but eventually we found our way through the maze and met up with Jill and Larry at a large parking lot. Daniela was quite happy to have some company in the back seat with her, and for once Art got to enjoy the scenery rather than having to concentrate on the road.

East of Foligno Umbria becomes more mountainous, and the scenery is much more dramatic. After about 45 minutes we arrived at Norcia, and as luck would have it, we parked right next to a shady park with picnic tables for us and a few bouncy rides for Daniela. After lunch we walked across the street and through the wall into Norcia.

CinghialeAs expected, every other shop sported one or more cinghiale somewhere on the premises. Norcia is famous for it’s meats…prosciutto prosciutto
and salami, and also for it’s truffles.

For more pictures of Norcia check out our FLICKR PAGE . There you can click on the folder titled "Norcia"...or browse through any of our other photos as well.


At 10/09/2007 07:50:00 AM , Blogger chris & erin said...

wow! those truffles look like boulders! I hope you tried some!


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