Monday, October 29, 2007


Sunlit tobacco Smoking is still fairly common in Italy...probably throughout most of Europe. Thankfully bars and restaurants are now smoke-free, but it's still surprising to see people smoking. American cigaret brands are very popular, but honestly who can afford to smoke???

Tobacco Around our part of Umbria tobacco is grown, although it appears to be a different variety than what we used to see in Kentucky. A few weeks ago while taking a drive we spotted these fields of tobacco, ready for harvesting.

Tobacco Rows

Tobacco, Italian Style

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At 10/30/2007 04:44:00 AM , Blogger Gil said...

Is it true that when you have a baby in Italy the care package that they give to the family when leaving the hospital contains sample packs of cigarettes for the newborn? It seems that the kids smoking in Italy are much younger than I ever remember seeing in the US. I'm glad I never went back to smoking after cigarettes nearly killed me three years ago. My wallet is also glad.

Beautiful picture of the fields.


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