Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Yes, I'm obviously putting off writing about our search for new olive oil, but these pictures were taken in Trevi while we were there to buy oil, that that should count for something, right?

Cinquecento These cars, all different from the ones we saw in San Venanzo, were from a club in Foligno. When we see these tiny Fiat Cinquecentos I always wonder just how small you have to be to fit comfortably inside. I wonder if Art would have to put the seat all the way back, or if his head would touch the ceiling?

Antique Car Can't you just imagine being the person who was lucky enough to own this car when it was new? I can just see them now ....complete with googles and a scarf streaming behind them!

Jaguar XKE And the Jaguar XKE just symbolizes British cool to me. I imagine James Bond roaring through the streets of London, screeching to halt in front of an elegant home, and stepping out of the car looking polished and perfect, not a hair out of place.

BMW I wish the owner of ths BMW had been standing nearby so I could have asked some questions. I've never seen a BMW this small, and had no idea such a model even existed. Isn't it cute?


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