Thursday, June 12, 2008


It's Friday, so it's time for another American recipe. Today Michelle shares a recipe for MACARONI AND CHEESE. Because we don't have cheddar cheese in Italy, if you're here you'll have to settle for using Kraft singles. If you're where you can get good cheddar, then of course you'll want to use that...or some colby for a little extra creaminess. So far I've been lucky to have a stash of cheddar in my freezer...some brought by us from the states, some brought by English friends!

If you've been following along, you'll know that Judith over at THINK ON IT first came up with the idea of sharing some really good, really American recipes, mostly to show our Italian friends that we can do more than make delicious sweets...

Judith also has a
LIST OF ALL THE RECIPES HERE, just in case you'd like to see if one of our favorites might become one of yours! La vera Cucina Americana!

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At 6/13/2008 07:04:00 AM , Anonymous Judith in Umbria said...

I was intrigued by that recipe, because it is as easy as the blue box. I don't think that recipe works with anything but a processed cheese like Sottilette, Singles or Velveeta.

I made an old fashioned one a week ago with real everything including white sauce to melt the cheddar into, crunch breadcrumbs on top. I must be grown up. I like my goat cheese and bacon pasta better!

At 6/13/2008 07:20:00 AM , Blogger Barbara said...

Gosh, I didn't realize that liking macaroni and cheese was a sign of not being grown-up! Guess I'm not quite there yet...thank goodness!


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