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il Poggio del Lupo info

We get our information about local events in a variety of ways: from notices posted in the bar or at the comune, from billboards posted in towns and along the roads, from other expats, or message boards, or simply from internet searches. Getting information about local events is still difficult at times….people just seem to know, maybe from word of mouth or maybe it from years of years of tradition. Anyway, whenever we find out about a local event before it happens rather than after. A few days ago I found another unexpected source for information: the local beauty shop.

I’d stopped in at Orieta’s shop to make an appointment for a haircut. Roberta, Orieta’s daughter, who usually cuts my hair was there, and she told me she was Had something to take care of on Thursday but that she could cut my hair on Friday morning. We set the time and I turned to leave when Roberta handed me a flier. A new agriturismo was opening near San Venanzo, just by Civitella dei Conti, and they were having a grand opening celebration complete with food and wine. The festivities were set to begin on Wednesday evening at five o’clock, so we thought, “why not?”

On the drive up to the agriturismo, called
il POGGIO del LUPO, I found an answer to a question I’d had for several years. On the road up to Civitella dei Conti we had seen stations of the cross along the road, but I had counted less than fourteen….so where were the rest of the stations? Now that we were on the other road that led up to the castle, I saw the rest of the stations. We’d never driven up this road, not really knowing where it went, thinking that it might just be long driveway to a private home.

Umbrian Hills_0001Once we arrived at il POGGIO del LUPO we were stunned by the almost 360º views! Beautiful sunrises AND sunsets were guaranteed, and on a clear day you can see forever. The owners, Fabrizio and his wife Elena greeted us and encouraged us to have a look around.

Il Poggio del Lupo
The table inside was groaning with food, beautiful food, and so of course I had to ask: who’s the chef? Fabrizio claimed the honor, and I complimented him on the variety of summer salads…faro and orzo salads and bean salads, as well as cheeses with marmalades or honey, some breads, and of course, some sweets. A sommelier was there to help with the wine, and later we’d also enjoy bread with Fabrizio’s own olive oil and tomatoes from the garden.

Iron BedFabrizio showed us the rooms and told us a little about the history of the house. It had once been used as a church, and the chapel still remains, although now it’s equipped with surround sound and internet connections. There are three guestrooms, all ensuite. They’re small and simply decorated. One room has an antique cast iron bed and overlooks this beautiful oak tree.Oak Tree

The beamed ceilings are something we love.
Beamed Ceiling

The later it got the more crowded it got, and eventually the tiki torches were lit and everyone ate and drank and talked…then bottle of vin santo were passed around, along with plates of cantucci to dip in the vin santo. The kids ran around while the adults talked….in Italian, English, German, Dutch and French…yes it was quite an international event!

In addition to the three rooms for rent,
il POGGIO del LUPO will also have space for campers, and will also operate a restaurant! Dinner will be by reservation only, and because of the small size of the room, I’m sure every dinner will be quite intimate and special. Fabizio is certainly an imaginative and talented chef.

We wish Elena and Fabizio the best in their new business! What’s good for them will be good for all of San Venanzo!

See all the photos on
OUR FLICKR PAGE in the folder named....Il Poggio del Lupo.

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At 8/03/2008 01:05:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,

Karen here in West Hollywood, California. It is Saturday night at 10:01pm and I have been reading your Blog for the past hour. WOW!! What an interesting life you have.

I am in my late 30's and my dream has always been to buy a place in Europe. We decided that we would give Paris a try because at the very least, we would be able to rent our place, for a small profit, in EUROS, to help pay the mortgage. However, ITALY has always been my first love and Paris is simply a business decision.

I will travel back to Paris in October for a 2 month stay to search for a tiny apartment to buy.

I wish I could afford to buy your house in Umbria!!

Have you been able to find a less expensive apartment yet?

How are you managing with the DOLLAR/EURO exchange rate. I have so many questions for you.

Hope you are well and enjoying your day.

All the best,



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