Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For baby boomers like us, those words from the Who's song "My Generation", "hope I die before I get old", once a defiant anthem, are now a scary possibility. The first of the baby boomers are now in their early 60's and suddenly, 60 doesn't seem so old! Paul McCartney's still rocking out at 67, as are countless others from that era.

The reason I'm posting this is because of a funny story our friend Shelly told me the other day. She and her husband Larry went to Todi to buy tickets to see Jethro Tull in concert next month. The young woman who was selling the tickets told Larry and Shelly about another concert in the area, one that featured another band also formed in the 60's. They joked with her that she was only telling them about the concert because they were 'old', just like the band. The young woman said "Oh no, I like their music too!" Not a surprise, since so many of the bands from the 60's are still touring and recording and being discovered all over again by new generations. It was what she said next that really threw them for a loop: she told them, in all seriousness "but I always wait until the last minute to buy tickets; they might die."! Uh....

After I finished laughing I told Shelly that I guess it's true, and maybe we, as concert-goers, shouldn't buy our tickets until the last minute either - at our advanced ages, we might die before we get to see the concert! I guess the least we could do would be to make provisions in our will for any pending events that have been pre-paid! Or, we can just continue as we always have, not feeling old, not worrying about when we'll die, but just living each day as it comes, enjoying it to the fullest. So - go out and have some fun, plan a vacation, fulfill some lifelong dream, maybe even take a chance and buy a concert ticket!


At 6/17/2009 07:51:00 AM , Blogger Susan said...

Great post....I dont think old and I dont always feel old...except for those times Im so stiff I cant get out of bed! Funny how age looks so different once you are there! Enjoy the concerts!


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