Sunday, July 26, 2009


Another weekend, another celebration! Summer in Italy is one big party,and any excuse will do. Our neighbor, Daniele Spaccino decided to throw a party on his farm, showcasing an old wheat thresher and life on the farm (fattoria) as it used to be.

We didn't arrive until about six, and the small gravel road was lined with cars. It wasn't easy getting closer to the farm, and at one point we thought we'd made the wrong decision to drive on. We were afraid there would be no place to park and no way to turn around. Luckily there was a parking lot area roped off in a flat area right next to the old hay-baling machine so we parked the car and began wandering.

Of course there were horses and cows and baby goats. In the barn were tons of porchetta sandwiches, plenty of water and wine, and of course biscotti and coffee to finish. And what would an Italian gathering be without music? Elvio had his accordian, and later there was a band hired to entertain us. Naturally dancing followed!

Old hay baler_7545

Chiana cow pregnant_7530


Boy and Vespa_7500

Dancing Girls_7519


All the pictures from that day are on our FLICKR PAGE.

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At 7/26/2009 05:38:00 AM , Anonymous Jane said...

Barb, what an incredible opportunity to be a part of! Without question this will be one of your most favorite memories of life in bella Italia. I kept thinking as I watched how much I wish Casey could be a part of something like that--and me, too.


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