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Art received several bottles of wine for his birthday, and the other night we opened one of the bottles to share with friends. The wine was Poggio Madrigale from the Vini di Filippo winery. We'd never heard of the winery but thanks to Google I found their website and learned that they were just outside of Cannara. All four of us liked the wine so much that we decided we needed to visit the winery to see what other nice wines they might have.

Vini di Filippo - Elena
We had a group of seven the day we visited Vini di Filippo. When we'd call to ask about a tasting we were told we just needed to call one day in advance. Elena greeted us when we arrived and after giving us a brief history of the vineyard we were ready to taste! We started with the whites: crisp. light and refreshing, then moved onto the reds. For a relatively small vineyard Vini di Filippo has a nice variety of wines, including a Sagrantino.

wine glass_0035Some of us bought the white wine (Grechetto) and some of us concentrated on the reds. For us it was the Poggio Madrigale (2004) (the wine that brought us to the winery) and the Sallustio, a rosso di Montefalco (2006).

If you're in Umbria and looking for an organic winery run by nice people who make great wine, we can heatily recommend Vini di Filippo. The link will take you to their website, available in Italian, English and German. Their phone number is 074 273 1242.

wine glass_0008

wine glasses_0019

wine glasses_0023

wine glasses_0028

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At 8/25/2009 11:31:00 AM , Anonymous Brad'll Do It said...

That's so cool, so Italian: taste the wine, like it, go to the winery to see if there's any more you like. Sounds like a wine I'll have to remember to look for the next time we're in Umbria. Thanks for sharing!

At 8/25/2009 11:49:00 AM , Blogger Barbara said...

You're welcom Brad - and we'll be happy to accompany you any time you'd like to taste some new wine!

At 8/26/2009 09:23:00 AM , Blogger Bob and Rosemary said...

yummm. Sounds great. Wish we could join you.


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