Sunday, September 13, 2009


The city of Assisi is built out of this beautiful pink stone. Late in the afternoon, and especially at sunset, Assisi just glows, thanks to this unique stone.

Pink Assisi Stone_7702

Pink Assisi Stone_7658

Pink Assisi Stone_7657

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At 9/13/2009 11:45:00 PM , Blogger Bob and Rosemary said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. Seeing Assisi from Perugia at sunset it always seemed to glow from within. So lovely.

At 9/14/2009 03:14:00 PM , Blogger Lisa and David said...

I can see that you love the Beatles and so do I. I have to tell you that before I met my husband, I dated George Harrison's producer for a while. We were to go to London and stay at George's home guest house while they worked on his album back in I think it was 1988. We had drinks with Donovan and I got to hand out in studios watching some very cool musicians rehears many nights. Luckily, it didn't work out cause I met my husband a short time later. I have a cassette tape of some of their studio time recordings with George's wife, Olivia, talking with their dog and being silly.

Just thought it would be a fun thing to tell you. Now I go back to reading your wonderful story ...

At 9/14/2009 03:23:00 PM , Blogger Barbara said...

Wow! I hate to sound like an old groupie, but facts is facts, and that's just so cool that you were involved with some really interesting and talented people! I'm jealous!

At 9/15/2009 06:35:00 AM , Blogger Farmwife said...

I spent a month in Assisi back in '73. I have photos of the church of St. Clare in various lights and they show the beautiful pink stone.
On the Beatles front I have a friend who traveled to England back in the 60s. She and her friends found John Lennon's house and knocked on the door. John wasn't home but Cynthia came to the door and spent quite a lot of time talking with them.

At 9/15/2009 07:55:00 AM , Blogger Barbara said...

Framwife, the fact that this gorgous stone left such a long-lasting impression says a lot!

Re: the Beatles: one of my biggest regrets is that I was only in my early teens back in the mid 60's. Oh to have been just a little older so I could have travelled to England!


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