Saturday, September 12, 2009


On our drive from Assisi to Spello, we were still in search of that bar, so we continued on, eventually winding our way back down the mountain until we came to Collepino. The parking lot was loaded with Mercedes and BMW's and we wondered if there was a really good restaurant in town to draw such a crowd.

San Giovanni Umbria_7699As we walked into town we were immediately charmed. A woman working in her vegetable garden directed us to the bar just around the corner. Once we'd ordered I asked the barista about San Giovanni and he confirmed what I had guessed: the town had been damaged in the 1997 earthquake and was only now being restored. He told us that only one family was living there now, and we knew we had seem that house - it was the one with flowers at the door.

La Taverna San Silvestro-2He also told us a little about Collepino. According to him, everyone in the town is rich, very rich, but those residents number only 37. There was also a very nice restaurant in town, "La Taverna San Silvestro", and although it was well past lunchtime the owner gave us a peek at the menu and the inside. I thought Art had taken one of the menus so I didn't bother looking at one, and it wasn't until later that I realized he hadn't brought it with him. Since Collepino is only 3 kilometers outside of Spello, it's really not that far off the beaten path and would be worth going back to for a meal.

Collepino Umbria_0003

Collepino Umbria_0005

We continued our drive towards Spello, but that will be for the next post. There are more photos on our FLICKR PAGE, in the folder entitled “Collepino Umbria”.

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