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St Francis_008No visit to Umbria is complete without a visit to Assisi. No matter what your religious leanings, the words of peace and simplicity preached by St. Francis still inspire pilgrims today.

SM Angeli_ 001The first stop when visiting Assisi should be in Santa Maria degli Angeli, just below Assisi. It was here that St. Francis founded his order, and the tiny chapel he used in now housed within the larger SM degli Angeli church.  This is an impressive church in it's own right and probably gets overlooked.  If you get a chance, stop in sometime before you drive up into Assisi.  Assisi 009

Assisi is a charming town all on it's own, and the Basilica is just the icing on the cake!  There's the upper church, the lower chuch, and the crypt, where St Francis himself is buried.  There's nary a hint of the earthquake damage from 1997, and the richness of the frescoes is almost overwhelming. 

In addition to the basilca there are other churches worth visiting - Santa Clara, and San Ruffino, where Francis was baptized are two must sees. 

In the Basilica you can use headphones (available outside the church, €5 dontation) to hear all the details, and this, combined with the headsets now used by all the tour groups makes the church much quieter and peaceful. 

Assisi is another city I never get tired of visiting - there are always unexplored side streets and hidden treasures to be found. 

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At 10/03/2009 09:30:00 AM , Blogger Silvia said...

I'm so glad you posted some info on this town. It is one of the loveliest spots in Italy, IMHO. I found that the surroundings are as simple and thought-provoking as St. Francis' message. Thank you.

At 10/04/2009 01:47:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots Barb. Yet again I am wondering why I have not been to Umbria.


At 10/04/2009 04:23:00 AM , Blogger Barbara said...

Jerry, I'm wondering the same thing - and I'm STILL wondering why you're showing up as a number!

At 10/04/2009 09:37:00 AM , Blogger Bob and Rosemary said...

I agree Barbara. Assisi is a gem. If you go, be sure to visit "centro" and not just the Basilica. It is a very charming Umbrian town. And don't miss Calendimaggio if you plan your trip for early May!

At 10/06/2009 02:10:00 PM , Blogger Farmwife said...

I spent a month in Assisi back in '73. There is something about the town that draws you in. There's just a certain atmosphere that's different than other places.


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