Friday, November 27, 2009


Another weekend, another festa! Really there are many, many choices each weekend, but when there’s a festa right down the road, why go any further? So we visited Marsciano for their “Olio, Vino e Terrecotte” celebration last weekend. We didn’t visit the terracotta museum, but concentrated on - what else? – the food! Olive oil, wine, sausages and more.

Marsciano 012

Merlot_Wine_Marsciano 017

Pecorino_Marsciano 001

Sausage_Marsciano 005

Prosciutto_Marsciano 006


Marsciano 016

Marsciano - Yvette's shop 029

Marsciano - Yvette's shop 032

Marsciano 020

There are more photos on our FLICKR PAGE, in the folder entitled “Marsciano - Olio, Vino e Terrecotte”.

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At 11/28/2009 07:13:00 PM , Blogger ritelane said...

I just finished reading your whole blog a few days ago. (It took me about 3 weeks). I never wanted to get to the end. It was like reading a good book that you never want to end. I wanted to comment back in your 2005 days..but, I had no idea if you were still in Italy...still together..or what. It was as if I was in a time machine and I was in your past. I'm so happy to see that you are still in Italy and I can still enjoy your blog! I love the pictures and just love hearing about your day to day life! Thanks so much for all of the time and effort you put into it. I really appreciate it.


At 11/29/2009 04:15:00 AM , Blogger Barbara said...

Thanks Donna - yes, we're still together (most important part!) and still in Italy. Our life here is so incredible - simple but satisfying.


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