Thursday, December 10, 2009


I didn't think we were going to visit a frantoio this year.  Art helped Giacomo haul his olives to the frantoio, but didn't stick around for the actual pressing, and I didn't even go along. Bruschetta_Frantoio 035 Our favorite frantoio in Pigge didn't have enough oil to sell this year, and it was rainy on the "Frantoi Aperti" weekend.  Luckily our friends Larry and Shelly arrived back in Italy to harvest their olives, and invited us along to watch them turn into oil!  There were ten of us, so it was a party, especially when the owner of the frantoio brought out the bruschetta, dripping with the new olive oil!  YUM!  Here are some pictures from our visit to the La Pace Frantoio in Massa Martana, not far from Todi.

Olives_Frantoio 003

Frantoio 013

Frantoio 022

Frantoio 064

Frantoio 043

Frantoio 047

Two Franciscan priests stopped by....

Frantoio 053

Frantoio 055

And FINALLY Larry and Shelly's oil started pouring from the spout!  They had a record amount - 70 liters!

Olive Oil_Frantoio 069

Olive Oil_Frantoio 029

Frantoio 072

Olive Oil_Frantoio 076

And the leftovers…..

Frantoio 078

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