Monday, July 05, 2010


In April of this year we moved back to Louisville after living in Italy for 6 1/2 years.  Lots of expats, expats-to-be and assorted others have asked us about our re-entry to the United States.  I think this experience, just like our intial move to Italy, has to be unique for every person.  Some, who spent a lifetime dreaming of a life in Italy might have been devastated by having to return to the states.  Others, probably those who moved to Italy because of an outside force, like a job or following a spouse, might not have embraced the Italian way of life and might have been dancing in the streets upon their return to the U.S. 

Us?  As usual we fall somewhere in between those two extremes - sad to leave Italy and many of it's unique offerings, yet excited to return to the U.S. (where our dollar just might do better) and begin our next adventure.  Remember, for us the dream wasn't Italy itself, but the chance to follow a crazy idea just because we could - and just because we wanted to!  Really, that's the coolest part of all - just deciding one day "Hey, let's move to Italy!" and then DOING IT!!!  What crazy idea are YOU trying to resist?  And why????


At 7/05/2010 01:50:00 AM , Blogger Gil said...

I'm sure that your family is glad to have you back on this side of the pond! I just hope that we end up going to Naples and a few other places later in the Summer or early Fall.

At 7/05/2010 09:01:00 PM , Anonymous Rosemary said...

I applaud you both. You were such a great inspiration for Bob and I when we were planning our life in Italy. Your openness and generosity of spirit to everyone who asked for your help should be a model of how to live one's life. We congratulate you on this incredible accomplishment and adventure and look forward to hearing about your next chapter - full of new adventures, no doubt!


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