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I don't know what the weather's like where you live, but here in Louisville it's been unusually cold this winter.  The cold, combined with the dreariness of cloudy days and looong nights makes me want to snuggle up and stay inside with a cup of hot chocolate!  It also gives me plenty of time to research and plan my next vacation!  As you probably know, the R&D phase is my favorite!  Where should we go?  When?  How long should we stay?  Do we need to rent a car?  What is there to see, and even more importantly, what is there to eat in the area I'm considering?  Sometimes there are so many choices that it's just overwhelming, tempting you to a) go back to the same old place you go every year or b) throw up your hands in despair and give up.  Wait!  I've got an idea for someplace you might not have considered before, AND I have someone who can help you plan the vacation too!  Curious?  Read on.....

It's probably not going to be a big surprise when I tell you that the vacation spot I'm recommending is in Italy, but it's not quite that simple  As wonderful as Rome, Florence and Venice are, there really are a LOT of other amazing places in Italy, some of them still relatively undiscovered by the masses.  The province of Calabria, all the way down in the toe of the Italian boot is an area that's unbelievable beautiful, and well worth considering. 

I realize that information about Calabria is not going to be as easy to find as information about Rome, so now I have a secret weapon:  my friend Cherrye Moore, an American who lives in Calabria!  Cherry writes a blog about her life in southernmost Italy called My Bella Vita, and also runs a travel service for Calabria called Bella Vita Travel Services.

Here's what Cherry herself has to say about her services:

"Whether you are looking for a fully customized vacation, personalized ideas or if you just have a few questions about your itinerary, Bella Vita Travel Services can help. We offer a range of services for individuals and families, including:

Custom Itineraries
Want a trip that is customized to you but don’t want to sweat the small stuff? When you book a custom itinerary, we help you plan your ideal trip, then book and confirm everything and are available 24/7 throughout your vacation.

Pre-Built Trips
Want someone to handle all of the details? When you modify a pre-built trip, we book and confirm everything and can help troubleshoot throughout your trip-or-you can purchase an existing trip, as is. 

Custom Consults
Looking for some tailor-made suggestions? With your custom consult, we will help you choose destinations and offer you personalized ideas for your trip.

Trip CoachingNeed a little guidance so you can get started? When you book a Trip Coaching session, you will have seven days to ask as many questions as you want regarding your trip.

Trip Doctor Want advice on an itinerary you have already planned? When you book the Trip Doctor, a local expert will review your itinerary and offer tips to maximize your trip."

No matter what level of serivce you need Cherrye can help!  Will 2011 be there year you decide to explore someplace new?  Calabria may be one of those places you've always wanted to visit but never quite got around to, perhaps because tourist information isn't as easy to find, or maybe just because you don't know much about it.  Now you have a friend who can help you plan your trip down to the last detail!  Ah, and when you contact Cherrye, please let her know that you read about it here!

You might want to check out Cherrye's blog to learn about life in Calabria - the hidden medieval villages, the amazing beaches, ancient churches and more.  You'll be able to see some of the beautiful sights Cherrye's photographed over the years, and don't forget to check out the recipes!  Once you're ready to start planning your trip to Calabria just contact Cherrye at Bella Vita Travel Services.  Get ready to be amazed!

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At 1/15/2011 05:39:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barbara, it's good to read something new fron you again. Happy New Year to you and keep writng more often. Maybe you can share more about your Fall trip to Italy?


At 1/15/2011 05:41:00 PM , Blogger Barbara said...

Thank you Patience, and yes, I do plan to write about our amazing trip!

At 1/20/2011 04:31:00 AM , Blogger Tour Italy Now said...

Hi Barbara,
Please tell us of your wonderful experiences in your Italy travel. One of the great things that I treasured very much is visiting wonderful places in Italy. I look forward to traveling again there this summer.


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