Saturday, September 01, 2012


Yes, it's that time again - election time, and boy, can it be stressful!  In the past I've voted for Democrats, Republicans and occasionally even Independents.  There are very few times when I just pull the party lever, preferring to make my choices on a case by case basis.  Trying to figure out just what the candidates stand for, and who will live up to their promises is not an easy process, as I'm sure all of you know, but still, I try. 

In 2008 I voted for Barak Obama, and I will do so again in 2012.  Yes, I am disappointed that the economy hasn't recovered as quickly as everyone hoped, and yes, there are things that the President has done that I don't agree with.  There are also things he hasn't done that I wish he had.  Some of the things the President hoped to accomplish have been blocked by the Republicans in Congress - a group so determined to get him out of office that they've forgotten we put them in Washington to do a job - to pass bills, create new laws and make sure the country keeps running smoothly.  Remember when Paul Ryan tried to blame the President for America's credit rating being downgraded?  According to Standard & Poor's, the agency responsible for the downgrade, our credit rating was changed specifically because Republicans refused to increase revenues.

Anyway this post today was inspired by a very nasty, hate-filled email I received from an anonymous person.  I have no idea who this person is, or where he's reading my opinions.  Maybe he read my blog, maybe he's the friend of a friend on Facebook, maybe he's just a troll, but I responded to his email as politely as I could.  First I asked him who he was.  Simple, really.  He knows who I am, but apparently he was too embarrassed/cowardly to tell me his name.   His second email to me, much like the first told me how much he and all his friends "hated" Obama. It was sad, and even a little scary.  While I don't believe Romney would be a good President, I can't say I hate him.  Isn't that a very UNChristian thing to say? 

So let this be fair warning:  if you read my blog or if you see me on Facebook, you're going to be seeing a LOT of my opionions.  That's because it's MY blog, and MY Facebook page.  If you'd like to have a discussion, to refute my facts, or to challenge my talking points, then bring it on.  Let's discuss, dissect and get to the truth - regarding BOTH candidates.  If all you want to do is spew hatred and fear, then please do us both a favor and simply stop reading my posts.  There, wasn't that easy? 


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