Friday, January 17, 2014

Friends Helping Friends

If you've read through my blog you might know that we made the decision to move to Italy after traveling there to visit my son.  Italy caught us in her web - a fact we didn't even realize until several trips later! - and we sought out more information on where to stay and what to see.  Luckily for us, just about the time we began travelling to Italy, Pauline Kenny was setting up a new website called Slow Travel.  The message board allowed us to post our questions instead of emailing Pauline, and allowed other to weigh in with their advice and opinions.  Once we started thinking about moving to Italy we'd become friends, both virtually and literally, with quite a few people who shared and understood our love of Italy, and our need to be there.

Eventually Pauline sold the ST website and, in order to allow the new owners to establish their own identity, stopped participating.  We still 'saw' most of our (old? original?) friends on ST but without Pauline as our queen it just wasn't the same. 

Today I'm happy to announce that Pauline has established a NEW website called Slow Europe, and the new SLOW EUROPE FORUMS is now up and running!  Many of the original ST members are there, as well as new members with new ideas and experiences to share. 

If YOU are planning a trip to Europe, check out the SLOW EUROPE FORUMS to ask all those questions you can't find the answers to, questions about transportation, about where to stay, what to see and even when to visit.  Right now we're a small community, just like ST was all those years ago, but the wealth of knowledge is astounding, and will only continue to grow.  It's like having your own personal European travel consultant on-call 24/7!  See you there!


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