Thursday, August 07, 2014

Vacation 2014 - Italy and Slovenia - A Quick Summary

Our vacation this year took us back to Italy for four weeks total, and finally to Slovenia for an additional ten days.  Here's a quick breakdown of our costs:

Car rental for 39 days, booked thru AutoEurope.                          
We requested and received a diesel, which made the fuel
a little cheaper.  We also included a zero deductible, which
raised the cost but eased our minds.                                                             $ 911

Road taxes, not included in the rental                                                           $  97

Gas                                                                                                           $ 523

Tolls, parking                                                                                             $ 143

Hotels/Apartments 37 nights total                                                                 $2894

Airfare $1622 EACH, plus $300 to upgrade to
business class for the flight TO Italy                                                             $3844

MINUS the airline vouchers we received last year                                       - $3000

Everything else:  food, admissions, souvenirs                                                $3962

GRAND TOTAL 4 weeks in Italy and 10 days in Slovenia                            $9374

(Without those airline vouchers our costs would have been $12,374)

The car averaged out to just over $25 per day, and the lodgings, a mix of apartments, hotels and B&Bs averaged out to $78 per night.  Although I know we drove 6,641 miles, I didn't track our fuel consumption, but as I mentioned above, the diesel fuel helped, and of course we had a stick shift which may have helped as well.

When I wrote about last year's vacation to Germany, our costs averaged out to about $288 per day when I excluded the (free) time we spend with relatives.  This year's vacation came in at $253 per day, but once again having that $3000 airline credit really made a big difference!  Is it wrong to say we were a little disappointed not to get bumped again this year?