Friday, January 23, 2015

The Dollar Is Strong - NOW Might Be The Time To Buy In Italy!

As many of you know, when the euro cost us $1.60 in 2008, that's when we just had to say "uncle" and put our house on the market.  Since we moved back to the states in 2010 housing sales - never as strong as in the U.S., because people just hand the houses down from one generation to the next! - have been increasingly weaker, and the strong euro has probably kept a lot of people from buying.  For those of us living in U.S. dollars, the euro is down to $1.13 today - a rate we haven't seen since late 2003 or maybe early 2004.  For this reason, NOW may be the perfect time to make that fantasy a reality!

And -  I have a suggestion for you.  Several years ago we helped our friends scout locations for a second home in Italy and were very pleased when they found a fixer-upper in Panicale.  They did a wonderful job with the restoration, as the pictures clearly show.  The village is charming, the location is not just panoramic, but also easy to get to, and there are always English speakers around, just in case!

Here's the link to a beautifully restored house in Panicale, and I have to tell you, that roof-top terrace is amazing!  Take a look, tell your friends - YOU could be living the dream too!



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