Sunday, March 22, 2015


There would have been a time when retiring to Florida would have seemed rather boring, but we've decided it will be our next adventure!  In addition to freeing up the money that's now tied up in the equity of our home so that we can travel more, we'll also be returning to the state where Art grew up.  When we first married, over 25 years ago, we talked about when and where we'd retire, and naturally Florida was part of that conversation.  And then life happened, and we fell in love with Italy....and you know the rest of that story!  Once we moved back to the states we thought long and hard about where to settle, and because of central location, reasonable cost of living, family in the area AND knowing our way around, we finally decided on Louisville,  Florida just wasn't quite right for us then, but now, after two brutal winters in a row Art is ready to head south and I'm happy to oblige!

We put the "For Sale" sign in our yard this afternoon and although we're in no rush, we don't expect it'll take long to sell.  Here's the link to the photos on FLICKR .