Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Deruta Ceramics Museum

We've been hoping to get together with Marco and Valeria to tour the ceramics museum in Deruta.  Marco emailed me a few weeks ago to suggest that we meet at the shop (Tassi, which I've written about HERE and ALSO HERE.  Because they're a small shop they don't have the time or personnel to maintain a website, but here's a Google maps link.)

Due to the good quality clay in the area, Deruta has been a major ceramics producer since the Middle Ages, and I was sure the museum would have many beautiful pieces.  The museum is free for artisans, who are free to study both the ceramics themselves as well as an extensive catalog of books, drawings and plans.  Although all of the ancient designs are known, today's artisans use the old designs for inspiration, tweaking traditional designs, using non-traditional colors, you know, being creative!  For the rest of us, admission is a reasonable €5, and the fact that information is available in both Italian and English, makes it well worth the price.

Properly called the Museo Regionale Della Ceramica (Regional Museum of Ceramic(s)), this collection of over 6000 pieces, housed in a former monastery, is a treasure trove, with every room leading to another surprise.  And because art is ever-evolving, there are many pieces done by local contemporary artists, so it's not just a staid collection of 600+ year old designs and pieces.

We were lucky to have Marco and Valeria to answer our questions and to point out interesting things we might have missed.  Having not just a local, but also an artisan, as a guide made the day even more enjoyable.  Once again, Marco and Valeria's kindness and generosity was overwhelming, and very much appreciated.

All the photos are in the Deruta Ceramics Museum album, on my Flickr page, and you can see all our photos by clicking on the "Our Flickr Photos" link in the right hand column of the blog.


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