Saturday, September 15, 2018

Something Old is New For Us

Last year when we discovered Vincenzo Martini's delightful works in his shop in Assisi, we had no idea what, or even who, had inspired his work.  All we knew was that we loved his depiction of Umbrian hill towns, their terra-cotta colored roofs, and the playful Franciscan monks scattered throughout.  This year, after visiting Sig. Martini again, we learned more about his inspiration:  Norberto Proietti.

Commonly referred to by his first name only, Norberto was a local, born in Spello in 1927. Norberto was inspired by the frescoes of Giotto and Pinturicchio, and began expressing his artistic talents around 1951. He painted and sculpted, and his works show a variety of interests and styles.  My favorites are of course the Franciscan monks, especially when they're picking olives! 

I was quite surprised to discover that Norberto was the creator of the statue that stands in front of the basilica in Assisi - a statue that seems sad and forlorn, and very touching, and one that I've photographed many times.

In Spello there is a gallery displaying many of Norberto's works, and it's well worth seeing.  Don't be fooled into thinking that the few works exhibited on the the ground floor are all there are - go downstairs where you'll discover many more works.I hope you'll be as charmed as we were.

Norberto died in 2008, and many artists continue to paint the playful scenes he was known for. Here are some pictures from the gallery in Spello:


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